18 06 2008

Ok I saw him yesterday. (Ll I Z) I think he might have quit wordpress. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if he’ll post again. Anyway yesterday we played sled racing and tic tac toe. It was really fun. Then at the ski village we dressed up a lot. I got bored then i put everything off and pretended to be a non-member. It was stupid lol. I asked a member where he got the hat. He said rh. I said wheres rh? Then he sad his not here you nub. Then Ll I Z said that his a nub. And we just showed him we were members. xD





24 02 2008

Furniture Catalog

Igloo Catalog


New Stage and more! *UPDATED*

8 02 2008

Hey Everyone!

The new stage is out called “Team Blue’s Rally Debut

Personally I think it is one of the most dumbest idea of a stage to me, I thought more of American Idol-ish  😮


The Switchbox 3000 is also back, my favorite part of the stage…  😆


This is the inside of teh stage; Team Blue’s Rally Debut


There are new postcards and the iceberg changed 😉  And I’m not going to show the costumes because it is way too repulsive and dumb  🙄

Waddle On!

Damn You Disney!!a.png

New Newspaper

7 02 2008

Hello everyone,

The #121 came out, today.


–Animation of the Newspaper–


It as if it looks like we will have a party next week, I wonder what kind it’ll be? Comment on your ideas and thoughts :mrgreen:

My hits have been real low, so could you help me get some higher hits?

Waddle on!

Moonwalking + Superbowl Sunday

3 02 2008

This is so random, but I am moonwalking  😛 

Am I a hacker?? lol  :mrgreen:

moonwalking-fake.gifI am a hacker and I’m not afraid to admit it. Believe me, everybody wants to be rich on Club Penguin, so why not? Just hack… Problem solved.


Superbowl Sunday–>Poll

New Stuff

2 02 2008

Hey Everyone,

Club Penguin has changed it’s page a little bit  :mrgreen:

The new Catalogue has came out, yesterday. Here are the secrets–>


And the new pin is at the Lighthouse, inside.


Waddle On!

New Music and Mission Guide

25 01 2008

Club Penguin have some new music;



Mission Guide


1. Talk to G and tell him to start the crab’s interigation.

2. The machine will blow up and the crab will escape. First look at the Thingy-Majig 3002. It now tries to make a castle out of playing cards. Then follow the crab.

3. When it escapes up the mountain, jump of the edge and you will roll down the ide of the mountain.

4. You will arrive in the Wilderness. Keep going right until you see a log next to a bush.

5. Zoom in on the log and cut the rope attatching the O’berries to the tree with the scissors in the Spy Phone.

6. Then go more to the right and zoom in on the stump. Give an O’berry to the black puffle. He’s back! He will now follow you everywhere.

7. Keep going right until you see the cave that you stayed in, in Mission 6. Go to the cave. The crab will go in through the pet flap.

8. You can’t get through the door, so put an O’berry in the pet flap and the puffle will go in and open the door.

9. Oh no! You have been trapped. You are in a cage looking out on a strange cave.

10. A polar bear will appear and steal your Spy Phone.

11. Talk to him and he will start to show you his never ending life story.

12. It turns out he is called Herbert P. Bear and he is from the South Pole. He wanted to go somewhere hot, so he decided to get on an iceberg and float away. However, he got near Club Penguin and his iceberg tipped. He couldn’t swim, but a crab called Klutzy rescued him. He now plans to burn the Ski Lodge and make a huge bonfire to keep him warm.

13. Anyway, Herbert leaves with the chopping machine, but stil you need to get out of the cage. Look around for the cage lift.

14. Put an O’berry on the brown leaver and the black puffle will jump on it. Lots of water will be released and go into the drain.

15. Put another O’berry on the end of the gutter. The black puffle will jump on it and weigh it down.

16. Now put an O’berry on the platform and the puffle will go on it. The cage is now lifted.

17. Before you leave, you need to get four things. They are hot sauce, the blueprints for the Electro-Magnet 3000, a rope and a pitch fork.

18. Put the pitchfork and the rope together to make a climbing device. Leave the cave.

19. An avalanche is caused. How will you get out?

20. Put the hot sauce and an O’berry together to make a burning O’berry.

21. Get the puffle to eat the burning O’berry and he will burn a whole through all the snow blocking the door.

22. Go to the right, then go to the tree stump, go to the left, go to the log, go to the left and zoom in on the black cliff.

23. Get closer to the cliff, then zoom in on it again. Put the climbing device on the cliff and climb up.

24. Go to the Ski Lodge and see if Herbert is there. He will be in the fishing yard. He wants brain food.

25. Go back to the Ski Village and look around until you see the Dock.

26. Zoom in on the Dock. Look around until you see the Town. Zoom in on it.

27. Look around until you see the Snow Forts. Zoom in on them.

28. Look around until you see the Plaza. Then go in the Pizza Parlour.

29. Ask the penguin at the till for a seaweed pizza.

30. Return to the Ski Lodge. Give the pizza to Herbert.

31. Then pull a lever on the machine and wait for Herbert to start working on it again.

32. The machine now goes in the other direction, so the Polar Bear and Klutzy get thrown backwards.

33. G will arrive and give you your rewards.

Mission Complete.